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  1. Biosafety cabinet,class II,stand alone
    S0001339 Biosafety cabinet,class II,stand alone

    Airstream Class II, Biological Safety Cabinet (S-Series), 4ft/1.2m
    Indicative Price 7,555.78 USD
  2. Eye wash station
    S0001366 Eye wash station

    Eye wash station
    Indicative Price 53.65 USD
  3. Sheet,absorbent,bench,50x40cm, box/100
    S0001429 Sheet,absorbent,bench,50x40cm, box/100

    Sheet,absorbent,bench,50x40cm, box/100
    Indicative Price 134.89 USD
  4. Bag, biohazard, 20L, box/100
    S0969027 Bag, biohazard, 20L, box/100

    Bag, biohazard, 20L, box/100
    Component of kits Shelf life Warehouse Item
    Indicative Price 29.20 USD
  5. Biosafety cabinet,class III,stand alone
    S0001798 Biosafety cabinet,class III,stand alone

    Airstream Class III, Biological Safety Cabinet, 4ft/1.2m with foot switch for pass box control and power failure alarm
    Indicative Price 11,579.11 USD
  6. PCR Chamber, stand alone
    S0001799 PCR Chamber, stand alone

    Airstream Polymerase Chain Reaction Cabinet, 3ft/0.9m with additional shelf and LED light
    Indicative Price 2,540.57 USD
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