Biscuit,high energy/protein,CAR/16x400g

High Energy Biscuits (HEB) are biscuits high in energy and protein and supplemented with a premix of vitamins and minerals. They are intended for general food distribution and use in emergencies.  16 units of 400 g per carton.
Indicative Price : 9.82 USD

General Description
High energy biscuits, 16 units of 400g per carton.

Technical Specifications
Moisture content: 4.5% maximum
Nutritional value: value per 100g dry matter:
Energy: 450kcal minimum
Protein: 10.0-15.0g (N xzx 6.25)
Fat: 15.0g minimum
Sugar (total): 10.0-15.0g
Fiber (crude): 2.3g maximum
Ash (total): 3.5 g. maximum

Vitamin and Mineral content per 100g finished product:
Minimum Maximum
Vitamin A 212.5-287.5 mcg (as Retinol palmitate or acetate):)
Vitamin B1 0.425 - 0.575mg (as Thiamine mononitrate)
Vitamin B2 0.595 - 0.805mg (as Riboflavin)
Niacin/B3 5.1 - 6.9mg (as Nicotinamide)
Pantothenic acid 2.55 - 3.45mg (as Calcium d-pantothenate)
Vitamin B6 0.85 - 1.1mg (as Pyridoxine hydrochloride)
Folic acid 68 - 92mcg (as Folic acid)
Vitamin B12 0.425 - 0.575 mcg (as Cyanocobalamin)
Vitamin C 17 - 23 mg (as Ascorbic acid)
Vitamin D 1.615 - 2.185 mcg (as Cholecalciferol)
Vitamin E 4.25 - 5.75mg (as alpha or dl- Tocopherol ) E CWS
Calcium: 212.5 - 287.5mg (as Calcium carbonate)
Magnesium: 127.5 - 172.5mg (as Magnesium oxide)
Iron: 9.35 - 12.65mg (as Ferrous fumarate)
Iodine: 63.75 - 86.25mcg (as Potassium iodate)

Product purpose:
High Energy Biscuits (HEB) are biscuits (small baked bread or cakes) that are supplemented with a premix of vitamins and minerals. This ready to eat food is used to cover urgent needs in the acute phase of an emergency situation during which population is not able to cook due to a lack of access to basic facilities (clean water, cooking equipment, etc.). Their use is also extended to a complement food ration (such as snacks) to provide vitamins and minerals in regions/population where diet is subject to nutritional deficiencies.
HEB can also be used to prevent micronutrient deficiency in young and school age children.

Biscuits shall be packed in a metalized laminate OPP 20micron/PR 3C/DRY/VMCPP 25micron. Each package shall contain 400 grams.

Individual packages shall be packed in a strong cardboard cartons suitable for multiple handling. 20 units are packed in one carton box - approximately 6.4kg net.

Transport and Storage
As advised by the manufacturer, under dry, ventilated and hygienic conditions, protected from direct sunlight and heat.

Shelf life:
24 months from date of manufacture when stored as instructed by the manufacturer.
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