Bucket, HDPE, 5 liters

Bucket, small, made of HDPE, with a capacity of 5 liters, stackable (all materials in plastic), for use as small bucket/basin e.g. in Hygiene related kits or similar.
Indicative Price 1.30 USD

General Description:
Bucket (pail/container), small, stackable, round, made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene), with sturdy plastic handle, capacity 5 litres.

Technical specifications:
Bucket made of virgin HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene)/virgin LDPE (Low Density PolyEthylene), per EN1186-3-9 or equivalent corresponding standard, tough durable UV-resistant that will not deteriorate in harsh sunlight, and safe for food and drinking water storage.

The bucket capacity is 5 litres min.

Wall thickness (approx. 1.3 mm) shall allow rigid and sturdy quality. The walls must have a smooth gloss finish and meet the bottom of the bucket with a curved inside surface to prevent dirt and bacteria accumulation and to facilitate cleaning.
The top is reinforced to prevent ovaling.

The bucket is equipped with a sturdy and comfortable flat plastic handle (w/no sharp edges) to ensure the easy carrying by hand. The plastic handle made of LDPE, together with the handle-ears of the bucket, must be sturdy enough to carry a fully filled bucket weight without bending or shearing off at the handle attachment level.

NOTE: The buckets shall be stackable and their shape shall allow each bucket to be easily split from the stack.
To ensure the easy splitting of buckets from stacks, the buckets shall be equipped with sturdy downwards extensions of the handle ears, or other similar in-built stacking-stop, to PREVENT the buckets from being pressed firmly into each other during packing and transport.

Packing details:
The buckets are stacked/packed inside one export carton,
with an identical number of buckets per stack. The quantity of buckets per stack shall be in multiples of 5 buckets to make counting at distribution more appropriate.
Each pallet shall be filled both in the most optimal space saving way and in the safest way to conserve the bucket from any damage.

The export carton walls shall be very strong, sturdily rigid and resistant for palletized stacking without bending, and if necessary reinforced by other means (e.g. in corners) to allow stacking of palletized cartons upon each other without compressing the buckets in the lower layers.

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