Reusable menstrual cup, size Medium

A reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone, size Medium. The menstrual cup comes with a protective pouch and user instructions
Indicative Price 5.10 USD
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General description
Workmanship and quality of the cup allow in-use functionality for a minimum of 1 year. Material is biocompatible and does not change performance after multiple uses (12 cycles). Reusable for monthly use. Shelf life minimum 5 years. Easy to clean using the minimum quantity of supplies possible (e.g. boiled water in a pot or another container).
The protective pouch provided is used for storing the cleaned cup during non-flow days.

Medium size for adult menstruators.
Outer (ext.) diameter of the rim: 41-44 mm. Length of the cup excluding pull out stem: approx. 45-55 mm. Cup is able to collect approx. 20-30 ml. Firmness: Soft to Medium.
Note: Cup size, capacity, firmness and length vary by brand and the above size is therefore indicative only. The correct cup size for the end user depends on factors such as the individual anatomy of the user, user preference for cup firmness and the flow quantity.

Manufacturer's instructions for use (in English, Spanish and French) are included and comes with pictorial illustrations and/or drawings for folding and insertion.

Instruction for use:
The menstrual cup is to be worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid. It has a maximum wear time of 8 to 12 hours inside the vagina. The protective pouch provided is used for storing the cleaned cup during non-flow days.

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