FACSCount, CD4 (absolute, percentage) counter with accessories
Indicative Price : 30,250.00 USD

General Description:
The BD FACSCount system provides absolute and percentage results of CD4 T lymphocytes to stage progression of HIV/AIDS, to guide treatment decisions for HIV-infected persons and to evaluate effectiveness of therapy in a wide range of laboratory settings.

Technical specifications:
Technology: Flowcytometer with enumeration for Abs CD3, CD4, CD8 and, %CD4.
Calculation: Automated software
Range CD4+: 50 to 2,000 cells/μL
Range CD8+: 100 to 2,000 cells/μL
Range CD3+: 100 to 3,500 cells/μL
Range (%): 5-65%
Accuracy: Approx. CV<=2%
Precision: <10% CV
Specime type: Whole blood
Specimen volume: Approx. 20-50ul
Reading time for first sample: Approx. 30 min
Reading time for second sampel-batching: Approx. 5 seconds
Throughput per hour:≥ 30 tubes/15 pairs/hours CD4 ≥ 400
Screen data: Data & results on screen in English and printed
Printer: Integrated printer with date/time/batch no/patient ID; CD4 absolute cells/ul, ratios CD3/CD4/CD8 and CD4 % versus total T-lymphocytes
Resolution: Thermal printing head, resolution, approx. 200 dpi
Data capacity: Storage of approx. 1000 test results
Power requirements: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz
Power consumption:Approx. 200W
Transport temperature of counter: 10-35°C
Storage temperature of counter: 10-35°C
Operating temperature of counter: 10-35°C
Operating relative humidity of counter: 10-95% non-condensing
Life span: 7 years
Years covered by initial warranty: 1 year

Manufacturer product reference: BD 337858.

Items supplied with:
1.CD4 counter
2.Coring station
4.Preprogrammed electronic pipette
5.Set of consumables, reagents and control reagents to cover training, installation and initial use of the machine, for 100 tests
6.1 x UPS with sufficient capacity to ensure uninterrupted operations
7.1 x Dust cover
8.Country specific power plugs
9.Instructions for use

Items required, but not supplied:
1.Reagents, controls and consumables for the running of the BD FACSCount machine after training and installation.
2.Consumables for venous blood collection: EDTA vacuum tubes (for plasma samples), vacuum tube needle, needle holder and centrifuge.
3.Disposable gloves, anti-septic swabs, absorbent paper, protective glasses, timer, container for biohazard disposables and disinfectant (for equipment and surfaces).

Shelf life:
12 months from the date of manufacturing; do not use beyond its expiry date.

Storage and transportation:
BD FACSCount counter between 10-35°C and reagents between 2 - 8°C, protected against humidity and direct sunlight. Do not freeze reagents.

Packaging and labeling:
Primary packaging: FACSCount, CD4 (absolute, percentage) counter with accessories and instructions for use.

Weight and volume:
Estimated weight: 46Kg
Estimated volume: 458.43dm³

General recommendations:
1.Only initiate testing when all components of kit reach the temperature of the environment in which the test will be performed.
2.Follow strictly manufacturer instructions for use of the test procedure (especially adherence to reading time).
3.Do not substitute reagents from other kits/batches.
4.Note that plasma samples require supporting equipment and supplies, therefore a laboratory environment is recommended with adequately trained staff.

Useful links:
WHO list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products:

WHO Prequalification Report for BD FACSCount Instrument System with FACSCount Control Kit and BD FACSCount Reagent Kit (Absolute CD4+, CD8+, and CD3+ Counts):

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