PoC CD4 [abs], counter, printer

Dedicated portable printer for PoC CD4[abs], counter, portable
Indicative Price 350.00 USD
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General Description:
Point of Care (PoC) CD4 [absolute], counter, portable

Technical Specifications:
Dedicated portable printer for item S0001224 PoC CD4 abs], counter, portable with start kit or item S0001242 PoC CD4 [abs], portable counter, with start kit and accessories

Compact, light printer: approximately 350g incl. paper roll, L 95mm × W 93mm × H 66mm
Resolution: thermal printing head, resolution, approximately 203dpi.
Complete fixed line b/w thermal print
Paper with, approximately 56.5mm (100 Pima test reports per 1 roll)
Status light indicates battery status, on-going data transmission/printing and battery status (green light - printer is ready to print, orange light - battery is low and red light - printer is not ready to print)
Connectivity (pack I external USB modem with 3G sim card for connection to external data services, pack II, external USB II modem with 3G card and booster for connection to external data services in signal poor areas and pack III, External USB-Lan adaptor for connection directly to LAN)
Data storage: capacity of storage test results of approximately 1000 test on-board archive
Report printing time: approximately 5sec
Display: Monochrome graphical display with the date, time, operational status and battery status, alpha numeric keypad with 16 buttons including navigation keys and able to display result in cells/ul per patient ID, operator ID, error messages and warnings, malfunctions -in English only
Print out test result information: Sample ID, CD4 result, date, start time, operator ID, device serial number, software version, and quality control checks including barcode check, expiry date check, volume check, device check and reagent check.
Ambient operating conditions ranges:
-Transport and storage: 2-40°C
-Operating temperature: 10-40°C
-Relative humidity: 10-95% No condensation
Capacity battery life: built in re-chargeable NiMH cells, powered by the Pima when plugged in, autonomy of 2 hours of continuous reading
Power requirements: DC with 5V, 0.5A, 5W via USB interface

Manufacture product reference: 260 400 007 (Alere)

Supplied with:
1 x USB cable to PoC CD4 [abs] counter, portable
1 x Roll of thermal paper 1
1 x Package insert (instructions for assembly, use and maintenance manual in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Storage and transportation
Between 10-40ºC, protected against humidity and direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Follow strictly manufacturer instructions of the test procedure

Packaging and Labeling:
Primary packaging
Unit presentation: 1 (one) PoC CD4 [abs], counter printer with package insert

Packaging and labelling must meet essential requirements in conformity with international quality management system standards, norms, rules and regulations for medical devices. Refer to UNICEF Technical Provisions for Medical Devices- March 2014

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 0.54kg
Estimated volume: 2.0cdm
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