Rack, ESR, 5 positions

Rack, ESR, 5 positions
Indicative Price 70.19 USD

General Description
Rack, ESR, 5 positions

Product Description
Complete set-up to measure erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Stand with valves to hold pipettes
Provides positions to hold 5 test tubes
Tubes with graduation, 0 to 200mm
Internal diameter of tubes: 2.6mm
Stand made of stainless steel or plastic

Supplied with
1 x Set of 5 reusable test tubes
1 x Set of 5 spare reusable test tubes
1 x Aspiration system

Instructions for use
Specific product used only for ESR technique
Must be used with appropriate tubes
May be used at all facilities (laboratory network levels I-IV)

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Rack, ESR, 5 positions

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 0.5kg
Estimated volume: 0.005cdm
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