Bandage, adhesive, 3.0 cm, box/100

Bandage, adhesive, 3.0cm, box/100
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General Description:
Bandage, adhesive, 3.0cm, box/100

Product Description
Self-adhesive bandage
Adhesive is hypoallergenic and water resistant
Central non-stick pad
Flexible perforated non-woven tissue
Length approximately 30mm
Individually peel-packed
Box of 100 bandages

Instructions for use
Used for blood collection
Used in a wide range of laboratory services from basic laboratory to
reference centre
Shelf life:
36 months after manufacturing date
Manufacturers recommended waste disposal:

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation 1 (one) Bandage, adhesive, 3.0 cm, box/100

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight 0.5kg
Estimated volume 0.0005m3
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