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General Description:
Compress, gauze, anti-septic, 6x3cm, box/100

Product Description
Antiseptic gauze compress for skin preparation prior to phlebotomy
Individually peel-packed
Single use
Contains approximately 1ml, denaturized ethanol 70%
Size approximately 6x3cm
Box of 100 compresses

Instructions for use
Used for sample collection
Used in a wide range of laboratory services from basic laboratory to reference centre

Storage: Dry, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life: 36 months after manufacturing date
Manufacturers recommended waste disposal:

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation 1 (one) Compress, gauze, anti-septic, 6x3 cm, box/100

Transport as per Material Safety Data Sheet
UN number: 3175
Danger class: 4.1
Packing Group: II
Proper shipping name: Solids containing flammable liquid, n.o.s. (isopropanol)

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight 0.15kg
Estimated volume 0.001m3

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