Silica gel, pouch, box/200

Silica gel, pouch, box/200
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General Description
Silica gel, pouch, box of 200

Product Description
Crystals in small, permeable pouches containing 0.5g
Particle size: 1 to 2mm
Bulk density: approximately 750g/L
Grade: technical
With indicator
Absorption capacity of water at 25C: Minimum 23%
Box of 200

Instructions for use
Basic commodity for laboratories in clinics and hospitals
Used as a desiccant and for preservation of dried blood spot (DBS) specimens
Storage: dry, dark and at 15 to 25C

Shelf life:
36 months from manufacturing date
Manufacturers recommended waste disposal:

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Silica gel, pouch, box/200

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 0.3kg
Estimated volume: 0.0007m3
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