Lugol iodine, bot/1L

Lugol iodine, bot/1L
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General Description
Lugol iodine, bottle of 1L

Product Description
Composition: 1% iodine + 2% potassium iodide
Container: Opaque glass bottle of 1000ml
Solvent: distilled water
Presentation: ready-to-use solution
Concentration: 1%
Grade: chemically pure (CP)
Bottle of 1L

Instructions for use
Used in clinical laboratory with diagnostic activity
Used for e.g. Gram staining
Storage: dark and at 15 to 25C. Keep container tightly closed

Shelf life:
36 months from manufacturing date
Waste disposal recommended by manufacturer:

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Lugol iodine, bot/1L

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 1kg
Estimated volume: 0.0017m3

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