Set,stool sample prep,Kato-Katz,kit/400

Set, stool sample preparation, Kato-Katz, kit of 400 tests
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General Description:
Set, stool sample preparation, Kato-Katz, kit of 400 tests

Product Description:
Set-packed essential renewables for stool sample preparation, for Kato-Katz examination technique.
Facilitates microscopic identification of intestinal parasitic worms and associated eggs
Enables creating a pre-defined sample volume, allowing qualitative as well as quantitative assessment.
Format: Pre-shaped layers of cardboard and glycerin-malachite-green soaked cellophane
Sample: Stool
Sample size: 10g

Supplied as set-pack with the following components sufficient for 400 tests:

1 x Roll of 1 metre of disposable nylon mesh (250 to 400u, width 132cm, 5 x 5cm squares)
400 x Plastic templates (thickness: 1.5mm, diameter 6 mm, centrally fit with round hole)
6 x A4 Sheets of Hydrophilic cellophane
2 x Bottles of 100ml Malachite Green Solution
400 x Plastic spatulas
1 x Table for calculation of the number of eggs per gram (epg) (A4 sheet containing 40 lines)
1 x Instructions for use in English, French and Spanish
1 x Packing box, to contain kit contents, re-closable with tuck-in lid

Intended use
Test should be conducted by appropriately trained staff.
Set used in a wide range of laboratory services from hospital to reference centre.
In order to obtain reproducible results, strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions for the test procedure.

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1 (one) Set, stool sample preparation, Kato-Katz, kit for 400 tests

Weight - Volume:
Estimated weight: 1.2kg
Estimated volume: 0.3cm3
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