Set,neonate,full blood coll,EDTA,box/50

Set, full blood collection, neonates, EDTA, box/50
Indicative Price 44.50 USD

General Description:
Set, full blood collection, neonates, EDTA, box/50

Product Description:
Set of essential renewable for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) full blood sample collection – EDTA tube.

Contains 50 individual collection units. Each unit is packed in a plastic bag with:
1 x Lancet, safety, 2.0mm
1 x Tube K3EDTA (1ml, spray dried with funnel (top diameter: 10.5 mm, bottom diameter: 8mm, length: 41 mm (excluding cap))
1 x Antiseptic gauze compress (70% isopropyl alcohol)
1 x Compress gauze
2 x Gloves, nitrile, without powder, size Medium
1 x Fabric bandage

Bundle also contains:
1 x Biohazard bag, autoclavable, 20L
1 x Packing box, to contain kit contents, re-closable with tuck-in lid.

Instructions for use
Test should be conducted by appropriately trained staff.
Set used in a wide range of laboratory services from hospital to reference centre.
In order to obtain reproducible results, strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions for the test procedure.

Recommendation: for safe waste disposal of sharps, consider procuring item S0001427 Container, sample, 50 ml, box/100. Note that the primary packaging of this item comprise of 100 boxes.

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1 (one) Set,full blood collection,neonates,EDTA ,box/50

Weight - Volume:
Estimated weight: 1.2kg
Estimated volume: 0.018m3

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