Connectivity Pack IV

Connectivity Pack IV
Indicative Price 600.00 USD

General description:
Connectivity Pack IV is recommended for use with the m-PIMA Analyser providing a wireless connectivity solution. Connectivity Pack IV enables sending of result data from the archive of the m-PIMA Analyzer to a defined remote server using a mobile network modem connected to a m-PIMA Analyzer via USB port.

Technical specifications:
Connectivity Pack IV requires a SIM card with an active account from a local network provider. To use it, an m-PIMA Analyzer operating software version 0.26.1 or higher is required. Connectivity Pack IV utilize the GSM standard for cellular technology.

Compatible with: m-PIMA Complete (27030R002)
Power Supply: 5 V USB host powered
NOTE: Connectivity Pack IV is powered by the m-PIMA™ Analyser and might therefore impact on the charging state of the analyzer when running on battery.
Antenna: Internal
Operating temperature: -40°C - 85°C

Manufacturer product reference: 260400059 (Alere/Abbott)

Items Supplied with:
Alere Connectivity Pack IV includes:
·1 x Samba3G-G-IV
·1 x USB extension cord

General recommendations:
·Follow manufacturer instructions before use.
·Always ensure that the use of mobile modems is permitted.
·Install the modems at least 20 cm away from any part of the human body.
·Never try to dismantle Connectivity Pack IV or its components. Any attempt will invalidate the warranty and can harm the user.
·Do not use any other than the provided cords.
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