m-PIMA PowerDrum
Indicative Price 2,600.00 USD

General description:
The m-PIMA PowerDrum is a portable, compact battery driven power supply to be used together with the m-PIMA analyzer. It is intended to be used as an external rechargeable backup battery for m-PIMA.

Technical specifications:
·Only use the m-PIMA PowerDrum Connector Cable supplied with the m-PIMA PowerDrum. Any other cables can damage the m-PIMA PowerDrum and/or the m-PIMA analyzer and may cause potential hazards.
·Operating temperature: 2 - 40°C
·Internal battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack 7IMR19/66-3
·Power input DC 24 V/ 6 A
·Power output DC 24 V/ 6 A
·Watt-hour rating per battery block: 47.1Wh/70.6Wh/47.1Wh

m-PIMA PowerDrum includes:
1 x m-PIMA PowerDrum (Module) (incl. m-PIMA PowerDrum Connector Cable to m-PIMA analyzer and User Guide)
2 x m-PIMA PowerDrum (Battery Modules)
m-PIMA PowerDrum (Battery Module) must only be used in combination with the m-PIMA PowerDrum (Module).

Product Code: 27040R004 (Alere/Abbott)

Storage and temperature Instructions:
·Temperature: 2- 40°C
·Avoid humidity and dust
·Do not expose the m-PIMA PowerDrum to direct sunlight to prevent overheating.
·Do not store the m-PIMA PowerDrum in the refrigerator.

IFU: Included
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