TSS Weblogger II PQS E006/043

The Weblogger II is a RoHs, CE and IATA compliant, user programmable electronic temperature data logger.
Indicative Price 44.78 USD

General Description:
The WebLogger II is a RoHs, CE and IATA compliant electronic temperature data logger. The logger can be individually configured and programmed or ordered preconfigured. It offers unique management of mission data, e.g. Shipping #, Origin, Destination, Carrier, and Data-Logger Location in the CCIS cloud. When the logger is plugged into a computer USB port, an HTM file is created containing the data. Clicking the file will display the result on a web dashboard and secure the mission data in the CCIS private secure cloud.

WHO PQS number: E006/043
Specification reference: E06/TR05.1
Product verification protocol: E06/TR05.VP.1

Technical specifications:
Operating temperature: -30 to +70°C
Alarm: Visual
Display medium: LCD
User interface: USB for computer
Minimum logging interval: 1 Minute
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Battery type: Non-replaceable CR lithium
Battery shelf life: 12 Months
Activated life: 12 Months
IP rating: IP 65

Packaging and labelling:
Cardboard box:1 Box = 100 units
Volume per box: 0.010 m3
Weight per box: 4 Kg
Unit Weight: 0.036 Kg
Unit Dimensions 9.30 x 5.4 x 1.2 cm
Packaging when palletized:
Number of cartons per pallet: 80
Number of units per pallet: 8000
Dimensions of packed pallet (LxWxH): 120 x 80 x 115 cm
Net weight per packed pallet (Kgs): 288 kg
Net volume per packed pallet (CBM): 0.41 m3

The product is to be covered by one-year replacement warranty from the date of manufacture in the event of any component failure not caused by mechanical damage.
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