Berlinger Q-tag CLm doc LR PQS E006/032

The Q-tag CLm doc LR is a user programmable temperature data logger with a USB interface for data analysis on a computer.
Indicative Price 85.20 USD

General Description:
The Q-tag CLm doc LR is a reusable data logger with a USB interface for data analysis on a computer. When connected to a PC / Mac, the device automatically generates a PDF showing the measured data including the temperature curve. No additional software is required. With a large memory capacity of 38,000 measurements and selectable measuring intervals from 1 to 60 minutes, the device allows temperature recording to be tailored to the user’s needs. It can be individually programmed with 5 alarm limits from –5°C to +60°C and restarted via the free Q-tag easy go software.

WHO PQS number: E006/032
Specification reference: E06/TR05.1
Product verification protocol: E06/TR05.VP.1

Technical specifications:
Operating temperature: -5 to +60°C
Alarm: Visual, can be programmed with up to five individual alarm limits
Display medium: LCD
User interface: Start button switch
Minimum logging interval: 1 Minute
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Battery type: Lithium coin cell
Battery shelf life: 24 Months from date of manufacture
Activated life: 12 Months if activated after 1 year.
IP rating: IP65

Packaging and labelling:
Cardboard box:1 Box = 50 units
Volume per box: 0.0045 m³
Weight per box: 1.98 Kg
Unit Weight: 0.036 Kg
Unit Dimensions: 9.30 x 5.4 x 1.2 cm

Packaging when palletized:
Number of cartons per pallet: 72
Number of units per pallet: 3600
Dimensions of packed pallet (LxWxH): 120 x 80 x 92 cm
Net weight per packed pallet (Kgs): 150 kg
Net volume per packed pallet (CBM): 0.324 m³

The product is to be covered by a two year replacement warranty from the date of manufacture in the event of any component failure not caused by mechanical damage.
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