Treponemal specific,syphilisTPHA,kit/100

Treponemal specific, syphilis TPHA, kit/100
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General Description:
Treponemal specific, syphilis TPHA, kit/100

Product Description
Technology: hemagglutination assay.
Detects total antibody present.
Sensitivity: 99.6%
Specificity: 99.7%
Sample type: Plasma, Serum, CSF
Sample volume:10 ul
Time to results: 60 minutes

Items required but not supplied:

Supplied with:
Test cells bottle, 8.5ml
Control cells bottle, 8.5ml
Sample Bottles of diluent, 20ml
Pre-diluted Negative control bottle, 1ml
Pre-diluted Positive control bottle,1 ml
Product insert with instructions for safe use in English - French available on request
u-well microplates

Storage and transportation:
Storage: 2C to 8C
Humidity irrelevant

Shelf life:
18 months

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation 1 (one) Treponemal specific, syphilis TPHA, kit/100

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight 0.138kg
Estimated volume:2 dm3
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