EDTA Capillary Tubes, kit/100

EDTA Capillary Tubes for Determine RDTs, kit/100

Indicative Price 12.00 USD

General description:
EDTA Capillary Tubes are to be used in fingerstick collection of whole blood specimens for use in Determine RDTs. Bring to room temperature before opening the cap.

Technical specifications:
Format: box/100 capillary tubes
Sample volume: 50µl

Manufacturer product reference: Abbott Diagnostics Medical Co., Ltd., 7D2222

Shelf life:
24 months from the date of manufacturing; do not use beyond its expiry date.

Weight and volume:
Estimated weight: 0.03kg
Estimated volume: 0.00008dm³

Storage and transportation condition:
Between 2°C - 30°C.

Useful links:
WHO list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products:
http://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/ evaluations/PQ_list/en/
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