VTM with NP and OP swabs, pack/1 piece

1piece nasal swab + 1piece oral swab + 3ml VTM in 10ml tube, pack/1
Indicative Price 1.50 USD

General description:
For cell and virus specimen collection and preservation of nucleic acid in the virus sample.

Manufacturer product reference:
Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd., HW4311

Items supplied with:
·1 piece nasal swab
·1 piece oral swab
·3ml preserving fluid in 10ml tube

Shelf life:
24 months from the date of manufacture.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight - 0.02kg
Estimated volume - 0.0001m3

Storage condition:
At room temperature

General recommendation:
·For in vitro diagnosis only.
·Wear gloves and masks when collecting samples.
·Do not touch the swab if the swab tip contacted by transport medium.
·Do not use if it is expired, turbid or leaking.
·Do not use if any damage of the package.
·Use with caution if allergic to nylon fibre and ABS material.
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