KF 96 tip comb(deep-well magnet) BOX/100

KingFisher 96 tip comb for deep-well magnets, 10x10 pcs/box.
Indicative Price 549.00 USD

General description:
KingFisher Plastics designed specifically for use with the KingFisher Flex, Duo Prime, Presto and Apex instruments. KingFisher instruments utilize disposable plastic plates and tip combs made of polypropylene, which are ideal for magnetic particle processing due to their low binding affinity for biomolecules. Both the yield and quality of the isolated protein or nucleic acid are significantly improved with special plates and tip combs designed for KingFisher systems.

Manufacturer product reference: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 97002534.

Technical Specifications:
For Use with KingFisher Duo Prime, Flex and Presto.

Shelf life:
180 Months.

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 4.546 kg.
Estimated Volume: 0.05130 dm3.

Storage & transportation condition:
Room temperature/ambient.
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