KF 96 microplate (200μL) BOX/48

KingFisher™ 96 Microplate (200μL) for Flex and Presto.
Indicative Price 161.00 USD

General description:
KingFisher 96 microplate (200μL) (for Flex and Presto) designed specifically for use with the KingFisher Flex, Duo Prime, Presto and Apex instruments. KingFisher instruments utilize disposable plastic plates and tip combs made of polypropylene, which are ideal for magnetic particle processing due to their low binding affinity for biomolecules.

Manufacturer product reference: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 97002540

Technical Specifications:
For Use With (KingFisher Flex and Presto).
Only works with KingFisher™ Flex 96 Heating Block (Cat. No. 24075420).
Not to be used with KingFisher™ Flex 96 Deep-Well Heating Block (Cat. No. 24075430).
Case of 48 (4,608 rxns)

Shelf life:
180 Months.

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 1.991 kg.
Estimated Volume: 0.0115 dme.

Storage & transportation condition:
Room temperature/ambient.

Packaging & labelling:
Primary packaging: All contents of KingFisher 96 microplate (200μL) (for Flex and Presto) Case of 48 (4,608 rxns).
Secondary packaging: One of KingFisher 96 microplate (200μL) (for Flex and Presto).

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