Determine Chase Buffer, Bottle/2.5ml

This material replaces the material S0003345 Chasebuffer Alere Determ.RDTs,bot/2.5ml. But the product itself remains the same. Chase Buffer for Determine RDTs.
Indicative Price 7.25 USD

General description:
Chase buffer is to be used with Determine lateral flow immunochromatographic assays - RDTs.

Technical specifications:
Technology: Buffer solution
Format: Bottle, 2.5ml sufficient for at least 100 tests
Preservatives: Antimicrobial Agents.
Chase buffer is prepared in phosphate buffer.

Manufacturer product reference: Abbott Diagnostics Medical Co., Ltd, 7D2243
Items supplied with:
·Chase buffer 2.5ml, 1 bottle
·Instructions for use, 1

Chase buffer is required for following kits:
·Determine HIV Early Detect, kit/20 (7D2842)
·Determine HIV Early Detect, kit/100 (7D2843)
·Determine HIV-1/2, kit/20 (7D2342)
·Determine HIV-1/2, kit/100 (7D2343)
·Determine HBsAg 2 w/o accessories,kit/20 (7D2942)
·Determine HBsAg2 w/o accessories,kit/100 (7D2943)

Chase buffer can be ordered as additional item for the following kits:
Note: The tests are co-packed in a kit with accessories and contain 1 bottle of buffer already, sufficient for 100 tests.

·Determine HIV Early Detect SET, kit/100 (7D2843SET)
·Determine HIV-1/2 SET, kit/100 (7D2343SET)
·Determine Syphilis TP SET, kit/100 (7D2443SET)
·Determine HBsAg2 withaccessories,kit/100 (7D2943SET)

Shelf life:
24 months from the date of manufacturing; do not use beyond its expiry date.

Weight and volume:
Estimated weight: 0.0135kg
Estimated volume: 0.06dm³

Storage and transportation condition:
Recap and store the chase buffer at 2°C to 30°C to avoid evaporation or spillage.

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