Dewatering pump,11-22 cbm/hr@50m TMH

Dewatering diaphragm air-powered pump with a capacity
11 to 22 m3/hr at 50 m Total Manometric Head.
Indicative Price : 21,537.33 USD

General Description:
Dewatering diaphragm air-powered pump with a capacity 11 to 22 m3/hr at 50 m Total Manometric Head.

Technical Specifications:
Dewatering pumping unit for hand-dug well construction comprising an air-powered diaphragm pump, self-priming, able to run dry and handle water with relatively high solid contents.

Maximum capacity: 22 cbm/hour, operating pressure 9.5 bar.
Flow rate: 11 cbm/hour at 50 m TMH (total manometric head).

The pump is powered by an air compressor, mounted on a two-wheeled trolley, working pressure 7 bar, fitted with pressure safety valve, directly flange-coupled to a diesel engine.
The engine is air cooled, direct injection, rope or recoil starter, engine speed governor, fuel tank with sufficient capacity for 12 hours of continuous normal operation, oil bath air filter, sound proof muffler, re-borable liners.
The power rating of the engine is balanced to the maximum power of the compressor. This item is supplied with limited lengths of suction and delivery hoses (see below). If additional hose is required, the field office must specify that at time of ordering.

Supplied with:
- 1 x air, non return valve.
- 1 x water, non return valve.
- 1 x suction hose, 40 mm dia x 5 m.
- 1 x hose discharge, 40 mm dia x 30 m.
- 2 x 90 degrees elbows and couplings for connection.
- 1 x air hose, 25 mm dia x 45 m.
- 1 x detachable air filter, for compressor.
- 1 x engine oil container, 5 litres.
- 1 x compressor oil container, 5 litres.
- 1 x tool kit for maintenance and repair.

NB: A standard spare parts kit is also supplied for the engine, compressor and pump, sufficient for 6000 hours of normal operation and includes various filters/seals, injector, filter elements, diaphragms, ball valves, valve seals, etc.

Packaging and labelling:
The pumping unit is packed in 2 wooden boxes.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items can be ordered separately:
S5070010 - Rope, all purpose, polypro, coil of 220m Bucket, masons.
Rope, safety and signal coil.

Estimated weight: 350 kg
Estimated volume: 1.25 m3

Instructions for use:
The unit is used for pumping sump water when hand-digging large diameter wells.

The unit is used for pumping sump water when constructing large diameter hand-dug wells. The pump is not electrically powered thus providing higher safety to the well diggers. The pump provides the possibility to measure the sustainable yield from the particular well. Well digging and well improvements can take place during any season of the year.
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