Latrine kit,raised, f.hard or wet ground

Raised latrine kit for urban and hard ground use, composed of an above ground based substructure containing an arrangement for collection of feces and urine and supporting an elevated latrine slab with superstructure and its access ramp.
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General Description:
Raised latrine kit for use in urban areas and on hard or flooded ground where impossible to dig a pit, composed of an above ground base with sludge tank, access ramp and elevated latrine slab, supporting its latrine superstructure.

Technical specifications:
Raised latrine kit, complete with and comprising of an above ground based support and substructure, latrine slab, superstructure, access ramp and an arrangement for collection of sludge.

This complete raised latrine cabin kit is for deployment in urban environment, hard/rocky ground or wet/flooded area installation where it is not possible or appropriate to dig a normal simple pit/trench.

The kit is easy in assembling to provide a stable and durable installation for a block of two (2) raised latrine stances/cubicles in first phase emergencies. Used for communal latrines, health centres, feeding centres, schools etc., it is composed of following main components:

1/- Substructure and excreta holding container/tank
2/- Access ramp (steps with hand rail/support and platform).
3/- Squatting plate
4/- Superstructure with lockable door, roof/cover and natural ventilation/aeration

The kit shall be complete, ready to install, and not requiring any materials to be sourced in country for the initial installation. (However it is allowed to foresee the design for later repairs with local available materials).

The overall structures shall be of lightweight, rigid, durable and sturdy design, climatically stable and resistant to withstand heat, wind, dust, rain and manual cleaning, including stronger windy conditions.

Being supplied complete as a double cubicle, it has two adjacent latrine cabins per set, both equipped with one latrine slab (Slab to UNICEF Catalogue Reference S5007335).

The substructure shall be able to support the squatting plates and the corresponding superstructures, as well as enclosing a container arrangement underneath the squatting plate(s) for collecting the sludge (excreta and urine). The holding tank arrangement volume to collect sludge will be expected of approximately 1 m3 per cubicle or 2 m3 if one combined tank. (Other tank arrangements/volumes may potentially be considered for differing sludge emptying principles, including options for common or diverted collection of feces and urine, the standard being common collection). The tank enclosure has access provision for emptying/desludging without dismantling the superstructure. The desludging access being from the backside of the substructure, will be closeable for hygiene, flies and smells.

The sub-structure has hold-down attachments to fix the structure to the ground and attachments to fix the structure to a standard 120x80 cm latrine slab and its super-structure.

The supporting substructure shall be equipped with latrine access ramp composed of a necessary number of regular steps and a landing/platform to facilitate entry to the superstructure cabin, e.g. to avoid uncomfortable door opening situations from lower steps. Steps and platform to be anti-slip. The access steps and ramp be equipped with guard/hand rail and support for safety and ease of access, also for the less mobile people.

This kit is supplied with 2 latrine squatting slabs of outer standard dimensions of 120 x 80 cm. One per each superstructure/cabin. The drop hole will have a key-hole shape of a size that will avoid small children to fall through, but not so slim that it creates unhygienic conditions. Each slab shall be strong enough to resist a weight of not less than 150 kg. The drop hole shall have an adequate (preferably hinged) cover. (For further specifications see UNICEF Catalogue Reference S5007335).

The superstructure is sufficiently high to allow a free standing adult height, i.e. the height shall allow for adult people both to enter and stand up inside the cabin with ease.
The cabin shall have a roof with a slope falling slightly backwards, allowing rainwater to run away from the entrance opening, and additionally allowing potential juxtaposing of the structures. The walls are sufficiently high to maintain invisibility of the person inside the cabin.
This will in principle require a height of not less than 2 meters at the front/entrance side.
The elevated design will help to ensure that there is suitable protection from rain whilst also offering privacy in hilly areas. In this aspect, none of the vertical cabin parts must be transparent. The materials are generally rip proof and opaque.

The superstructure shall be well aerated, preferably with air gap between the top of the walls and the roof. The aeration/ventilation shall be adequate and serve both to avoid smells and to keep the temperature as comfortable as possible.

The entrance of the cabin shall have a lockable front door. The lock shall be simple but sturdy, lockable from inside only. It shall be non-blockable and easy to open also for children. The outside of the door will preferably be equipped with a handle/grip and the door is preferably self-closing to avoid open doors when not in service. The door opening shall be as large as practically possible to allow a comfortable entry/exit.

The raised latrine kit shall be flat packed to allow for easy and cost effective transport.

The use of raised latrines requires a strategy for emptying of tanks and for the excreta disposal. Personnel and equipment will be required for desludging and a location to off load the slurry is essential.

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