Water purif.unit,skid,5cbm/hr@20m,TMH

Water purification unit, skid mounted with a capacity of 5 cubic meters per hour at 20 m (TMH) Total Manometric Head. This WTU version is for SEA FREIGHT only
Indicative Price 13,251.46 USD

General Description:
Water purification unit, skid mounted with a capacity of 5 cubic meters per hour at 20m (TMH) Total Manometric Head.

Note: Please note that this item number is elaborated for standard Sea Shipment and is therefore NOT supplied with Calcium Hypochlorite HTH.

Technical Specifications:
The unit is designed to purify 5 cubic meters per hour at 20 meters TMH of surface water from rivers, lakes or shallow wells having maximum turbidity of 20 (N.T.U.) Nephelometric Turbidity Units.
The unit is capable of producing drinking water free of the physical and bacteriological contaminations.
The unit will not take care of industrial contamination, such as hydrocarbons, chemical waste, etc.
All material used in the unit that are in contact with water should be of approved food grade quality.
The operations of the unit are controlled by robust control devices including the start/stop switches and all the controls and metering.

The unit is as standard skid mounted, but can also be supplied as trailer mount (see below Optional Supplies (d and e)) and if required can also be with water distribution kit (see below Optional Supplies (b)).

The following steps are followed in the water treatment process:

1. Raw water suction and straining: This is done by a submersible pump or a motor pump complete with the suction hose and inlet strainer of approximately 2 mm openings.
2. Pre-chlorination dosing unit might potentially be supplied); but - if so - no HTH is supplied with this.
3. Coagulation by Aluminium Sulphate; this includes the container and equipment for the preparation of the solution and/or dosing of the predetermined amount of Alum.Sulph.
4. Flocculation; a flocculation unit allowing sufficient contact time for adequate creation of flocs for sedimentation or filtration.
Note: Sedimentation; this compartment is not included in the basic treatment unit. To be ordered specifically, if desired (see below Optional Supplies (a)).
5. Filtration; this includes a sand filter and an activated carbon filter. The filters are complete with all the back wash piping, valves, manometers and controls.
6. Disinfection; Required by Chlorination. A dose of residual Chlorine is added to guard against subsequent contamination during storage. For chemical shipping reasons, non-hazardous NaDCC is shipped instead of Calcium Hypochlorite HTH. However, once on-site, the dosing equipment can be employed with other chlorination products such as HTH and Sodium Hypochlorite.

The System is Supplied with:
Consumables for minimum three months of operation.
A set of spare parts needed for all the parts including the pump, sufficient for 2000 hours of normal operation.
A set of tools for the operator as needed for the normal operation and maintenance.
A simple visual water testing kit.
Operating manuals in (English, French, Spanish and Arabic).

Optionally the System can be Supplied with:
a)Sedimentation Kit: For sedimentation/settlement of floc to be processed, supplied as an intermediate water reservoir (or as special settlement compartment) with necessary accessories.
A contact time for about one hour should be allowed for the chemicals to react and the solids to settle. The sedimentation chamber should have all the facilities for the periodic removal of the sediments as well as passing the clarified water to the next stage of treatment - Order w/Material number S0005872.

b) Distribution kit composed of a double set of (2) collapsible water storage tanks (WATER BLADDERS) of each 10 000 litres capacity (of a quality similar to UNICEF catalogue item number 0005834) with 20 meters hose (of a quality similar to UNICEF catalogue item number 0008029) for connecting the unit to the tank with the required quick coupling, and a tap stand kit - Order w/Material number S0005873.

c) One-axle trailer mounting with storage room(s) for the Purification unit pump, hoses and accessories - Order w/Material number S0005874.

d) One-axle trailer mounting without storage room - Order under Material number S0005875.

Packaging and labeling:
The unit is packed in wooden boxes on the skid or the trailer as the option selected.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
S0000571 - Aluminium sulphate gran 17-18%
S0005829 - Water qlt test kit, like OXFAM DELAGUA, portable.
S5006020 - Distribution kit with 1 x Water bladder of 10,000 litres (Set Requirement of 2 kits = 2 x catalogue number S5006020)
Additional hoses, 25 m length and 50mm or 75mm dia - see catalogue numbers S0008028 and/or S0008029

Estimated weight: 800kg
Estimated volume: 5cbm
Estimated dimensions: 2200x1200x1800mm

Instructions for use:
The unit is used for providing drinking water for about 5,000 residents or displaced population in cases of emergency where the source is surface water having not more than 20 NTU.
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