Photometer Reagents Kit f. 0005828,-0567

Photometer Reagents Kit
Indicative Price 409.78 USD

General Description:
Photometer Reagents Kit for use with:
S0005828 - Water quality assessment kit, basic and
S0000567 - Portable bacteriological field tst kit 1

Technical Specifications:
Chemical reagents for use with the Photometer 7100, included in the portable field water testing kits, UNICEF Catalogue item numbers S0005828 and S0000567.

This reagent pack allows for 200 tests each for the following parameters:
Fluoride (0 - 15mg/l);
Iron (0 - 10mg/l);
Nitrate (0 - 20mg/l);
pH (6.8 - 8.4);
Colour (10-500 pt or Hazen units);
Aluminium (0 - 0.5mg/l);
Ammonia (0 - 1.0mg/l);
Manganese (0 - 0.03mg/l).

(Each of the 8 parameters corresponds to one pack of reagents for 200-250 tests each).
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