Storage Tanks f. 0005846,5006022,5006023

Accessorie for water purification units S0005846, S5006022 and S5006023.
Indicative Price 6,004.87 USD
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General Description:
Water Storage and Distribution kit - ONLY for Water Treatment Units specified under Catalogue numbers 0005846, 5006022 and 5006023

Technical Specifications:
Complete clear water storage and distribution set, with specification reference to the Unicef catalogue S0005834.
This kit is composed of two (2) collapsible water storage tanks of 10 ,000 liters capacity supplied complete with tap stands and accessories.

2 x Clear water storage tanks 10,000 liters (collapsible water tanks)
- Inlet and outlet at the opposite side by 2" (50mm) valves
- Top ventilated (Air vent. w/screw plug)
- Food grade quality High resistance HPV11 w/1100 g/m2
- Reinforced corners/strengthening handles
- Ground sheet, extending 50 cm beyond the tank periphery.
- Repair kit and cleaning instructions
- Distribution Connection Kit with flexible/flat hoses
- Distribution Tap stand kit, including:
- Stainless Steel tap station, resisting to chlorine corrosion
- 6 self closing water taps per stand
- Other accessories (valves, quick couplings, Teflon tape rolls, etc.)

For the exact specifications of this Storage and Distribution kit kindly refer to relevant LTA/brand specifications - (contact SD/WES).

Important: This kit is a double storage tank system and therefore NOT quantity wise identical to S0005834. The above specified kit is exclusively to be ordered together with the relevant Mobile Water Treatment Unit. For all separate purchases, the S0005834 shall be used.

Instructions for use:
Storage of clear water after having been treated in the water purification unit, and for distribution through the comprised tap stands.

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