Chlorine generator,solar powered

Accessorie for water purification units S0005846, S5006022 and S5006023.
Indicative Price 65,147.99 USD

General Description:
Chlorine Generator (Electro-Chlorinator) powered by a photovoltaic module, producing chlorine from brine solution.

Technical Specifications:
Solar powered Chlorine Generator (Electro-Chlorinator/Electrolyser) designed to produce a Sodium Hypochlorite solution with a concentration of minimum 2 g/l (or 6 g/l) of free chlorine by electrolysis process from salt water (brine).
Dimensioned to comply with a water production of 5 m3/hour (up to around 110 m3/day for pre- and post-chlorination).

The kit is composed of following main parts:
- solar panel
- titan electrode
- brine/chlorine container
- relevant accessories

The raw material for the chlorine production is ordinary water saturated with normal (kitchen) salt (brine solution).

The kit is simple to install and to use.

The manufactured chlorine is for use in combination with the water purification units S5006022 and S5006023 for water disinfection at the Pre- and Post-Chlorination levels.
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