Valve,butterfly,duct.iron,80mm/3",10 Bar

Butterfly valve, ductile iron, for pipes of 80 mm/3" nominal diameter , rated for 10 Bar pressure.
Indicative Price : 34.82 USD

General Description:
Butterfly valve, ductile iron, for pipes of 80 mm/3" nominal diameter, rated for 10 Bar pressure.

Technical Specifications:
Wafer style butterfly valve, for sandwich mounting between two flanges. Ductile cast iron body with positioning lugs.
DCI disc and Stainless Steel stem/shaft/axle and seat.
For water distribution pipelines. Used to either start or stop, and also suitable for regulating (or throttling) speed of flow. Lever action with lip seal. Free flowing and quick acting (full opening from 0 to 90 degrees).
Counter flanges for corresponding OD90mm HDPE/uPVC pipes, or DN80/3" GI pipes.
Applicable Standards: ISO 2531, ASTM A536, and flanges to ISO 7005-1/2, (BS-)EN 1092-2 (DIN 2501, DIN 2632/2633), and if threaded: to ISO 7 and BS 21.

Supplied with Hand Lever and with one pair of Counter Flanges (including bolts, nuts and gaskets).
Nominal diameter: 80 mm/3".
Maximum pressure rating: PN10/PN16 bar (125/150 lb/sq inch).

Packaging and labelling:
The valve and accessories are packed in strong wooden or cardboard boxes.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
Can be equipped with manual or automatic actuator.
Counter Flanges are required for valve mounting and must be supplied with the item. Country Office must specify the pipe type/material when ordering.

Estimated weight: 9.020 kg
Estimated volume: 2.750 cdm

Instructions for use:
The valve is used for controlling/closing-off flow in pipelines.
To be mounted in sandwich between flanges which are fixed on the pipe ends.
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