Water meter,Woltmann helical vane,80mm

Woltmann, helical vane water meter, 80 mm (3 inches) bore diameter.
Indicative Price : 77.14 USD

General Description:
Woltmann, helical vane water meter, 80 mm (3 inches) bore diameter.

Technical Specifications:
Woltmann helical vane type water meter
The water meter can be installed in any position (horizontal, vertical or inclined) without any loss of accuracy.
Nominal bore diameter 80 mm (3 inches).
Maximum working pressure 16 bars.
Testing pressure 25 bars
Testing temperature 50ºC
Maximum operating water temperature 50ºC

The water meter employs statically and hydro-dynamically balanced rotor with stainless steel axle, offering the minimum possible interruption to flow, with transmission protected from water flow. The hydraulic features must be in line with EEC standards following provision no. 75/33.
Magnetic direct drive, extra dry, easy-to-read dials and register with an anti-fogging glass and leak detection star.
The register has a metallic (or plastic) housing with cover, and may be rotated through 360 degrees with a stop at the selected angle and must be E.E.C/ ISO approved.
The body of the meter is metallic, made of a corrosion resistant material coated with epoxy coating on the interior and exterior faces.

The totaliser mechanism is on-site-interchangeable.
An internal adequate filter (strainer) is fixed on the inflow side.
The meter will be connected to the adjacent pipes through flanged connections in accordance with BS 10.
Smallest readable unit 1 is litre.
Maximum reading is 9999 999 cubic meters.
Nominal flow Qn = 40 cubic meters/hour
Maximum flow Qmax= 80 cubic meters/hour
Minimum flow Qmin= 1.2 cubic meters/hour.
Transitional flow Qt= 8 cubic meters/hour.
Starting flow= 0.3 cubic meters/hour.

Packaging and labelling:
Water meters are individually packed in strong carton boxes. The final packing in strong shipping boxes depends on the total number of meters shipped.

The following definitions of terms used in the specification are according to ISO 4064.

Maximum flow rate (Q max): The highest flow rate at which the meter is required to operate in a satisfactory manner for a short period of time without deteriorating.

Nominal flow rate (Q n): Half the maximum flow rate (Q max).

Minimum flow rate (Q min): The lowest flow rate at which the meter is required to give the indications within the maximum permissible error tolerance. It is determined in terms of (Q n).

Transitional flow rate (Q t): The flow rate at which the maximum permissible error of the water meter changes in value.
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