Pump,electric,sbmr,bh,18cbm/hr@80m TMH

Electrical submersible pump, for boreholes, with a capacity of 18 m3/hr
at 80 m Total Manometric Head.
Indicative Price 7,811.69 USD

General Description:
Electrical submersible pump, for boreholes, with a capacity of 18 m3/hr at 80 m Total Manometric Head.

Technical Specifications:
Electrical submersible pump, food grade, for pumping non-aggressive water without solid particles.
The standard pump is equipped with a 3-phase motor, suitable for power supply of 380 V - 50 Hz - 3-phase, enclosure class IP 58. Field office must clearly specify if a different voltage and phase rating is required; as well as, the length, diameter and type of pipes required; and the length and rating of electrical cable (length should be enough to meet the submerged pump well depth and any surface cabling requirements), connectors, fittings, switch gear and generator if needed etc.

All pumps are supplied with AISI 304 stainless steel body and shaft, impeller/diffuser assemblies, Noril glass fiber impregnated thermoplastic resin, water lubricated bearings, top non-return valve, and bottom strainer and complete with electric cabling.
No riser pipes are supplied with this pump.
These pumps are available in various sizes and pumping capacities.

Country offices must clearly specify the maximum diameter of pump which will appropriately fit the borehole, the pumping capacity requirements at a specific TMH (Total Manometric Head), the voltage and phase rating of the local electric power supply.
Capacity 18 m3/hour at 80 metres TMH (Total Manometric Head).

Supplied with:
1 x cable, electrical, length as per setting depth.
1 x set of clips, cable (one every 3 m).
1 x protection device, dry running, including level relay electrodes.
3 x electrodes.
1 x starter, auto-transformer or D.O.L.
1 x kit, cable termination for jointing to pump.
1 x well head, galvanized, with base plate.
1 x elbow, 90°, with pressure gauge and valve.
1 x tool kit.
1 x spare parts kit, sufficient for 2 years of operation.

Packaging and labelling:
The pump is packed in a wooden box.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following item should be ordered separately:
Rising main pipes

In situations where there is no electric power supply or frequent power cuts are experienced, it is recommended to order a generating set to match the specification of the pump.

Estimated weight: 110 kg
Estimated volume: 0.55 m3

Instructions for use:
The unit is used for pumping non-aggressive water without solid particles from boreholes.
For this size of pump, the starting is usually Auto-Transformer. For smaller capacity pumps, D.O.L.
(Direct-On-Line) starting should be used.

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