Screen,bh,UPVC,134 ND,2.9m long

U-PVC screen pipe for boreholes, 134 mm nominal diameter,
2.9 metres long.
Indicative Price 19.30 USD
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General Description:
U-PVC screen pipe for boreholes, 134 mm nominal diameter, extra thick walls for deep installation, 2.9 metres long

Technical Specifications:
U-PVC screen pipe, made of 100% virgin Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (U-PVC) resin, blue colour, designed for a service life of at least 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius, manufactured in accordance with ISO 1452-1 and -2:2009. U-PVC Material to DIN 8061/8062:2009 or equivalent approved international standard (including IS 12818:2010).
Hydrostatic strength values at 20 and 60 degrees Celsius tested as per ISO 1167-1/2:2006 requirements.
The material is exempt from CaCO3, and is certified for use with drinking water, i.e. exempt from toxic components like lead and other heavy metals.

Nominal diameter 134 mm,(OD 148 mm, ID 134 mm, WT 7.0 mm), with extra thick wall, suitable for deep installation down to 120 metres in (water) borehole construction, and with flush joint (unless the field office specifically specifies bell socket), male/female trapezoidal (screw) threads as per DIN 4925-2:1999+2012, or equivalent approved international standard (including IS 12818:2010).
Pipes supplied in 2.90 m total lengths.

Slot size/width 0.75 mm.

NOTE-1: If manufacturers recommended casing/screen dimensions are differing from above, kindly quote the recommendation – but separately as additional option.

Shipping Details:
ISO 20-foot shipping containers.
This item will be supplied in bulk, ISO 20-foot container load,

Note: If different pipe diameters are shipped together, the smaller diameter pipes can be nested/placed inside the larger ones to make best use of available container shipping space.
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