Water tank kit,OXFAM type,5000l

Rigid corrugated, galvanised steel tank suitable for storing water,
OXFAM type, capacity of 5,000 litres.
Indicative Price 3,590.00 USD
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General Description:
Rigid corrugated, galvanised steel tank suitable for storing water, OXFAM type, capacity of 5,000 litres
Supplied with water distribution kit

Technical Specifications:

Rigid water tank comprised of:

1 x steel kit
1 x liner kit (drinking water quality)
1 x roof kit
1 x tool kit
1 x 3" brass gate valve
1 x 3" flange assembly
1 x Podger spanner
4 x PTFE tape
1 x 3" x 2" bush
1 x 2" Guillemin x MBSP coupling

Tool kit comprised of:

1 x 14" pipe wrench
1 x 10mm combination spanner
2 x 13mm combination spanner
1 x 5mm Allen key
2 x Guillemin spanner
4 x PTFE tape
1 x tube jointing compound

Distribution tap stand comprised of:
Water distribution kit comprising a tap stand with 6 taps, a kit to connect the tap stand to a collapsible tank

Water distribution kit (tap stand)
The stand is made of hot dipped galvanized steel pipes or hot
rolled galvanized steel sections. All pipes should be threaded as per ISO 7 (the thread cutting oil must be non-toxic type), and must be able to withstand rough handling during use.

Four sturdy legs (or two "A" frames), each leg fitted with a drilled plate for holding down purposes.
1 x 1 ½" (40 mm) male threaded riser pipe.
1 x Female threaded 2"-1 ½" (50 mm-40 mm) junction tee with closing (for the connection to the storage tank or to other tap stands).
2 x Male threaded Guillemin or Storz couplings.
1 x central, horizontal distribution pipe.
6 x Male threaded tap pipes welded to the central distribution pipe.
7 x Female threaded ¾" (20 mm) self-closing taps. Minimum discharge rate per tap: 10 liters per minute at one meter head, operation range: Up to 4 bars.
2 x ¾" (20 mm) female threaded caps (for closing in case of repair of repair of faulty taps).
4 x Rolls of teflon tape (12 mm x 12 meters each).
4 x Plated pegs for fixing down of the tap stand, each 30 cm long, minimum diameter 12 mm.
1 x Piece of wire netting for concrete slab, 0.9 x 1.5 meters
each.(Smaller pieces could be supplied to minimize the shipping volume, provided that the necessary overlapping of the net reinforcement is taken into consideration).

Connection kit

1 x 2" flexilant hose (x 6m length)
2 x Guillemin coupling x 2" hose c/w locking ring
2 x 2" hose clips
1 x hose clip spanners

Packaging and labelling:
The item is packed in a wooden box.

Estimated weight: 350kg
Estimated volume: 1.015cbm

Instructions for use:
Storage and distribution of water at locations where the lack of space can be a problem for the installation of an ordinary collapsible water tank, within a building or roof space, for example.
Quality Control necessary
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