Cot, medical, IV-pole, basic
Indicative Price 136.51 USD

General Description:

Technical Specifications:
Basic medical cot
Two section platform, with supports on 4 sides to immobilize mattress, supports 4.5-5.5x11-13cm (h x l)
Backrest elevation, with at least 3 positions (20, 30 and 45 degree)
Frame and mesh: Aluminum or epoxy coated steel
Frame is fit with a sleeve to receive the IV pole
IV pole, adjustable height range of 120 to 200cm, with a screw height adjustment
IV pole with double or four hooks
Mattress: thickness, 6 to 7cm, medium-density polyurethane foam, 18-22kg/m3
Cover, mattress, impermeable polyester (or equivalent)
Cleanable with water and disinfectant (ethanol 70% and chlorine solution 0.5%)
Dimensions, open: 170-210x54-66x45-55cm (l x w x h)
Dimensions, folded: 81-99x63-77x24-33cm (lx w x h)
Knockdown construction

Items supplied with:
1 x fixed height IV pole (multiple sectioned for compact packaging)
1 x Mattress, with cover

Items required, but not supplied:
Shelf life:
Storage and transportation:
Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):
Packaging and labeling:
One (1) unit per box
Compliance with EAN 128 bar code requirements
Component of a Kit
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