Foldable stretcher for emergency patient transport.
Indicative Price : 94.07 USD

General Description:
Stretcher, foldable.

Technical Specifications:
Stretcher, foldable: sturdy but easy to operate system.
Side tubes fit with feet; raising stretcher from floor level, preferably with extractable handles.
Size suitable for ambulance transportation.
Foldable in two parts (width wise).

Must be resistant to corrosion (ref. to tropical environment) and decontamination (ref. to chlorine solution).
Frame: Anodised aluminium.
Cover: Waterproof, washable, resistant to cleaning with chlorine based solution and flame retardant.
Dimensions: Stretcher opened: Approx. 2000 x 550 x 150 mm (l x w x h).
Stretcher closed: Approx. 2000 x 150 x 150 mm (l x w x h).
Carrying capacity: Approx. 150 kg.

Instructions for use:
Basic hospital equipment for health structures: Foldable stretcher for emergency room, wards etc.

Safety procedure:
Must be cleaned and disinfected after use.
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