Apron, protection, plastic, reusable
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General Description:
Reusable straight sleeveless protective apron, for use in healthcare settings.

Technical Specifications:
Reusable straight sleeveless protective apron, for use in healthcare settings.
Straight apron with bib, back fastening and neckband.
Back fastening band and neckband should be strong and not detachable.
Moisture-proof and stain resistant.
Material: Opaque or translucent high quality plastic material.
Water and body fluids resistant, can be disinfected with chlorine solution (0.05% concentration).
Size selected: Adult size.
Length: 120cm (+/-5cm) from top of the bib to lower edge of the apron, total length: 145cm (+/-5cm).
Width: 80cm (+/-10cm).
Thickness: 150-300 microns.

Intended use and considerations
Apron to be used in healthcare facilities by personnel performing medical / obstetrical / surgical procedures with high risk of contamination by body fluids projection.
The size has been chosen as the most commonly used.
After use, the apron must be washed, disinfected with chlorine solution (0.05% concentration) and dried.
If the apron is damaged (perforation, etc.), it must be disposed in waste container, collected and destroyed. Please refer to WHO publication "Safe management of waste for Health Care".

Supplied with:
Manufacturer's instruction for use

Storage conditions:
As indicated by manufacturer

Packaging and labelling:
Individually packaged in a transparent plastic bag.
Labelling of the primary packaging displays, at least: product name, product reference, manufacturer name, size and type. Information for particular storage conditions (temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol), if applicable. All indicated at least in

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