Gown,patient,woven,adult size

Gown, patient, woven, adult size
Indicative Price 8.14 USD

General Description:
Gown, patient, woven, adult size

Technical Specifications:
Unisex patient gown, standard cut
Straight back closure with ties
Short sleeves
Colour: white
Material: polyester /cotton fabric (50/50% or 65/35%) or 100% cotton fabric
Weight per m2: 115g-175g
Washing: normal; withstands boiling and autoclaving; resists to chlorine 0.1%
Multiple use

Adult model, standard size

Number of units of use per primary packaging:
1 in a plastic bag

Instructions for use:
Specific outfit worn by patients in health units. Reusable medical linen should be disinfected in a chlorine solution, washed and ironed.

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