*HE Apron,protect,plastic,disp/PAC-100

Indicative Price : 22.02 USD

General Description:
*HE Apron,protect,plastic,disp/PAC-100

Technical Specifications:
Single-use straight sleeveless protective apron, for use in healthcare settings
Seamless liquid proof and stain resistant
Comfortable to wear, apron has back- and neck-band strips attached (4 in total)
Both back- and neck-band can be adjusted/fastened
Color: white
Material: polyethylene (PE) or biodegrdable or compostable material
Size: 85 x 145 cm (w x l) (+/- 15%)
Thickness, at not less than: 50 um
Can resist water and disinfectant (ethanol 70% and chlorine solution 0.5%)

Product performance testing if biodegradable:
EN 13432,
ASTM D6400
or alternative equivalent set of standards

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: One (1) pack r roll of 100 aprons.

Intended use and considerations
Apron to be used in healthcare facilities by personnel performing medical / obstetrical / surgical procedures with high risk of contamination by body fluids projection. The size has been chosen as the most commonly used.
The protection apron is single use only.
After use, dispose used aprons in waste container, collect and destroy them. Please refer to WHO publication "Safe Management of Waste for Health Care Activities".
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