Gown, isolation, non-woven, disposable
Indicative Price 36.83 USD

General description:
Gown, isolation, non-woven, disposable, pack of 10

Technical specifications:
Isolation gown, with long sleeves, a waist tie that binds at the back or front
Fabric, non-woven material, f.e. SMS, SMMS, polyethylene-coated polypropylene, etc.
Outer layer liquid penetration resistant in critical areas (full front and arms)
Minimum average material density: 30 g/m2
Length (measured at front from middle of neckline to bottom): 110 – 150 cm
Width or circumference (measured at waist): minimum of 130 cm
Sleeves finished with double layer cuff, cotton or synthetic, stretchy interlocked jersey, length: 4 - 8 cm
Single use, disposable
Universal size
Conform requirements of EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42, Class I (or equivalent internationally recognised marketing clearance) and/or EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686, Category I (or equivalent internationally recognised marketing clearance)

Packaging and labelling:
Packaging: 10 pcs. / bag
Labelling on primary packaging must include:
- Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer
- Manufacturer's product reference
- Type of product and main characteristics
- If the packaging is not transparent, it must bear a diagram showing the essential parts of the product
- Information for particular storage conditions (temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.), as appropriate (or equivalent harmonised symbol)
- Information for handling, if applicable (or equivalent harmonised symbol)
Over packaging: Packaging unit
Labelling on the packaging unit: Labelling to be the same as primary packaging
Extra information required: Number of units per box

Weight: 5.2kg
Volume: 0.037m3
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