Tongue depressor,wooden,disp/BOX-100

Tongue depressor, non-sterile, made of wood, packed in a box of 100 pieces.
Indicative Price 1.74 USD

General Description:
Tongue depressor, wooden, disp/BOX-100

Technical Specifications:
Wooden tongue depressor, with rounded extremities.
Size: approx. Size: 17 x 149mm
Thickness: Approximately 1.6mm
Single use.
Non sterile.

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging:
One (1) Box of 100 pcs wooden tongue depressors.

Secondary packaging:

Carton of 50 boxes of 100 pcs

Over packaging: Carton of 50 boxes of 100 pcs

Estimated weight: 0.530Kg
Estimated volume: 1.530cdm

Instructions for use:
Item used for depressing the tongue during examination of the patient's mouth and the throat.

Conditions for stock:
Store in a clean and safe environment: avoid dust, and other environmental risk of damage.

Safety process:
This item is for single use only.
Break the depressor tongue immediately after use to prevent re-use (risk of cross contamination).
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