Laryngoscope set for neonates, including pre-terms
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General description
Laryngoscope set for neonates, including pre-terms

Product specifications
Large hollow, cylindrical, slightly ribbed handle
Handle made of either chromium-plated or stainless steel
Can be opened to insert two batteries (type LR14, size C, 1.5V)
Stud contact, fitting various sizes and types of depressors
With a set of two stainless steel depressors, with halogen bulb
Miller type:
Straight Nr 0, length approximately 70mm
Straight Nr 1, length approximately 100mm

Supplied with
1 x Durable protective plastic box or padded vinyl case
2 x spare halogen bulb (one for each depressor)
1 x Instructions for assembly, use and maintenance in English.

Required, but not supplied
2 x S1802211 Dry cell, alkaline, "C", 1.5V.

Instructions for use
To assist endotracheal intubation of neonates including pre-terms during anesthesia or resuscitation.
It is recommended to remove the batteries when the instrument is stored for a long time.
Depressors and bulbs must be carefully washed and disinfected after each used.
The stainless steel parts can be sterilized; the light bulb and batteries should be removed.

Packaging and labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation: 1 (one) Laryngoscope,neonate, set in a plastic bag + box
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