Biperiden 2mg tabs/PAC-50

Biperiden 2mg tablets, pack of 50 tablets.
Indicative Price 4.53 USD

General description:
Biperiden 2mg tablets, 5 blister cards each containing 10 tablets.

Technical specifications:
Each tablet contain Biperiden hydrochloride 2 mg equivalent to 1.8 mg Biperiden.

Therapeutic class:
Biperiden is a weak peripheral anticholinergic agent

Drug induced extrapyramidal symptoms (E.g. Haloperidol) and adjunctive treatment of parkinsonism.

Dosage, Instructions for use
Refer to the guidelines below:

WHO Model Formulary 2008

Shelf life: 60 months.

Storage and transportation:
This product must be transported +15C to +25C.

Component of a KIT:
S9901026 IEHK2017,kit,suppl.1-medicine
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