Sprayer,trigger bottle,handheld,1 liter

Sprayer,trigger bottle,handheld,1 liter
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General Description:
Trigger sprayer, Hand held and hand operated, for surface disinfection purpose,
chemically resistant and chlorine appropriate, 1 liter

Technical specifications:
Hand operated trigger sprayer for surface disinfection purpose, appropriate for use with chlorine, with a capacity of 1 liter.

The sprayer shall include the following:
-Plastic bottle with trigger sprayer, Handheld sturdy and stable type
-Chemically resistant, chlorine solution etc.
-Operation capacity of 1 liter
-Equipped with filter to protect the sprayer nozzle
-The sprayer bottle/container should be clearly and permanently marked with a horizontal permanent line to indicate the maximum liquid volume, and preferably with other marking to indicate inferior volume graduations.

The industrial type trigger sprayer shall be manufactured in respect of the WHO Equipment For Vector Control Specification Guidelines 2010.9, Chapter 3 Hand Operated Compression Sprayers, Revision 2010 (WHO/CDS/WHPES/GCDPP/2010.9), and shall be equipped as per paragraph 3.6.1-(Filter Size), with one or more filter(s) having appropriate filter mesh size to prevent impurities to enter and block the sprayer nozzle.

As example the solution employed for this sprayer may be made from Calcium Hypochlorite which may contain calcium and/or other impurity particles.
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