HE*Tap, for plastic bucket, plastic

Indicative Price : 0.44 USD

General Description:
Sturdy plastic tap, for mounting into a plastic bucket of 14-20 liters size.

Technical Specifications:
Sturdy plastic tap, for mounting into a plastic bucket of 14-20 liters size – for use with drinking water storage.
The bucket will be available at destination and is not part of this supply. The mounting will be made at destination.
The tap will be put in the predisposed hole of equivalent diameter from the outside of the bucket, and fixed by screwing the locking nut from the inside.
The tap is equipped with adequate softer washer(s) to ensure joint leak tightness of the mounting.
The tap itself and its final connection to the bucket must be leak tight.
The operation of the tap is preferably as simple as possible with 180 degrees smooth turns of the handle to open and back to close efficiently the tap.
The tap is of approximately 3/4 inch inside diameter (and ID not less than ½ inch).
The threaded part of the tap is about 2 cm long (to ensure enough space for washer and the screwed locking nut) and about 1 inch (25mm) outside diameter, all measures are approximate.
The bucket supplier can adjust the diameter of the drilled hole to fit the offered tap thread diameter.
The tap and washer materials shall be suitable for use with drinking water. Material specifications and certifications shall be provided with the offer.

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