Chlorine/pH, Test Kit for Diarrhoea Kit

A simple field testing kit as component of the Diarrhoea/Cholera Kit for the rapid measuring of pH and free, total & combined Chlorine values in water, supplied with simple pool tester and rapid dissolving tablets 20xPhenol Red (pH), 200xDPD1 and 20xDPD3).
Indicative Price 9.31 USD

General Description:
Chlorine/pH test kit foreseen for the Diarrhoea kit: A simple field testing kit for the rapid measuring of free, total and combined Chlorine and pH values in water, supplied with pool tester, DPD1, DPD3 and pH rapid dissolving tablets.

Technical specifications:
This Diarrhoea Water Testing Kit is composed of a Simple Chlorine/pH test kit (Pool Tester) for quick on-site visual measuring of residual chlorine (Free Available Chlorine (FAC)), combined/total Chlorine and pH values in (drinking) water (colour comparator method), supplied with additional reagents for both parameters to compose a kit which provides for 200 tests of FAC and 20 tests each of combined/total Chlorine and PH values in drinking water.

The simple Pool Tester for visual testing (colour comparator) has one colorimetric scale for pH and one scale for Chlorine on the same transparent plastic material block.

Measuring ranges
- for Chlorine from 0.1 to 3.0mg/l (or to 6.0mg/l-supplier dependent)
- for pH from 6.8 to 8.4

The supplied reagent tablets DPD1, DPD3 and Phenol Red are of the rapid dissolving tablet types. This Testing Kit is basically containing and referring to following UNICEF material codes and specifications, and including quantities:

- S0000556-Pool Tester, simple visual, block type, 2 Testers
- S0000555-Chlorine test, DPD No. 1 (Free Chlorine)-200 tablets
- S0000559-Chlorine test, DPD No. 3 (Total/Combined Chlorine) -20 tablets
- S0000561-Phenol Red (pH)-20 tablets

All packed together in an appropriate housing (simple bag, case or clamshell) to constitute an integrated kit, including the instructions for use.

Transport and Storage:
Packaging: The kit is packed in appropriate housing (simple bag, case or clamshell) to constitute an integrated kit, including the instructions for use

Estimated weight: 0.25kg
Estimated volume: 1.1cdm

Instruction for use:
This kit can be used for surveillance and monitoring of water quality after treatment, i.e. Chlorine content in pipelines, in water storage tanks, in treatment plants, at the consumer level etc. The kit is used for the rapid checking of the levels of Chlorine and pH in water.

Precondition for utilisation:
For use by trained staff
Requires adequate complementary consumables (once the supplied DPD and pH tablets are consumed).

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
S0000555-Chlorine test (Free), DPD Nº1, Rapid diss. tabs, 250 Tab./Pack.
S0000559-Chlorine test (Combined), DPD Nº3, Rapid tabs, 250 Tab./Pack.
S0000561-Phenol Red, Rapid dissolving tablets, 250 Tab./Pack

Target population:
Ranges from household water storage to urban bulk water system.

Emergency scenarios:
Useful in all emergencies with drinking water treatment by Chlorinated disinfection products. Primarily to be used in monitoring water quality

Context in which item is mainly used: On site testing
Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
Distribution should not be to untrained personnel only. Tablets are not for human consumption and therefore not to be distributed to others together with disinfection tablets.

Cultural considerations:
Transparency of activities occasionally sensitive
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