Tent,light weight,rectangular,72m²

Light weight tent, size 72 square metres, rectangular.
Indicative Price 1,880.12 USD

General Description:
Tent, Light Weight, size 72 square metres, rectangular, frame type.

Technical Specifications:
Outer fly: weight 450-540g/m2 PVC fabric. Colour: White.

Make-up: All seams are double stitched and main part stitches are treated with anti-leak tape. 7-8 windows on each side protected with mosquito net and adjustable flaps; 1 door at each gable end. Dire resistant CPAI 84. The mud flaps are made of high density Polyethylene 200g/m².

Fabric for both outer fly and inner tent is water proofing/resistance to water penetration and stabilization against decomposition of the fabric/rot proofing.

Frame (galvanized steel or aluminum): Self supporting frame secured with a minimum of ropes and guy wires, with lateral cross braces to withstand wind of minimum 30m/second.

UNICEF logo: the word 'UNICEF' + mother and child emblem printed in black/blue on both gable ends as well as both sides of the fly sheet.

Supplied with:
Repair Kit
Assembly instruction with pictures and copy in each box.

Packaging and labelling:
Each tent is packed in strong wooden boxes that can withstand rough handling and at least one is long enough to accommodate all pipes.

Transport and Storage:
The tents are shipped in labelled boxes as a tent cannot be correctly constructed if any of these boxes are missing. Instructions on the erection of the tent is given in each set but can also be sourced from Supply Division. Boxes that carry the same letter are inter-changeable.
The tents should not be stored outside where possible as the tent may become damaged.

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 463kg
Estimated volume: 1.264cbm

Instruction for use:
Principal use is as a school tent. However, it can also be used as hospital/clinic, storage/distribution or media briefing centre.

Precondition for utilisation:
The complete set of boxes must be available and the instructions followed for the tent to be correctly set up. In areas where the tent is to be placed on sand, special efforts should be made to ensure that the pegs are securely and adequately placed into a supporting material.
Drainage channels along the tent edge will ensure that run-off does not undermine the stability of the tent. In areas where hurricanes may occur the tent may be severely damaged so special attention should be given for the orientation and stabilization of the tent.

Alternative if the item is not available:
S5088008 Tent,light weight,rectangular,24m²
S5088015 Tent,light weight,rectangular,42m²

Complementary Requirements to be ordered separately:
S0575060 Plastic Mat, 1.8m x 0.9m could be used for flooring.

Emergency scenarios
The tents are anticipated to be used as a temporary area for programme implementation (education, child protection).

Target population:
ECD (early childhood development) aged children and school going children.

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
As this is a branded item, related security issues should be considered.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Climate considerations.
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