Water filter, candle type, for purification and partial disinfection of drinking water.
Indicative Price 60.64 USD

General Description:
Water filter, candle type, for purification and partial disinfection of drinking water.
The output ranges from 10 to 80 l/d, depending on the quality of the raw water.

Technical Specifications:
Portable, compact water filter suitable for gravity flow purification and partial disinfection of drinking water with output of up to 80 litres per day (4 litres per hour).
When using cloudy/murky raw water the output may be as low as 10 litres per day. The body of the unit is of robust construction manufactured in 304 grade polished stainless steel and fitted with an outlet tap.
The filter consists of two sections. The upper one includes the 4 filter elements (candles) and the lid, and the lower has the water tap.
The two sections are assembled together using a rubber anti-slip ring.
The two filter sections could be telescoped for shipping.

The filter is fitted with 4 filter elements (candles) having the following specifications:
The elements are silver impregnated ceramic ('Sterasyl' type or equivalent).
The external dimensions of each element are minimum 178 mm (7") in length and 50 mm (2") in diameter,
The elements are cleanable at least 100 times with a soft brush,
Meets the requirements of NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)with the following standards:

Drinking water treatment units -
Health effects (ANSI/NSF 53-2001),

Drinking water treatment units -
Aesthetic effects (ANSI/NSF 42-2001).

The elements have at least the following filtering efficiency
(NSF certification and testing certificates from independent testing laboratories provided with the bid/offer):
Absolute (100%) for (0.9 micron) and larger particles,
99.99% for particles larger than (0.5 micron),
99.70% for particles larger than (0.3 micron),
98% for particles larger than (0.2 micron),
Remove Cryptosporidium, E-Coli, Vibro Cholera, Salmonella
Typhii Shigella Disentaria, Klensiella Terrigena to at 99.99

Packaging and labelling:
Cartons of 1 each

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
S0005925 - Filter candles, spare, set of 4

Estimated weight: 3.5 kg
Estimated volume: 20 cdm

Instructions for use:
Purification and partial disinfection of drinking water, especially useful for domestic and office use in emergency situations. For more information on filters, please consult the House hold Water Filter Product Guide:

Component of a kit:
S9906626 - IEHK2006, kit, supplement 2-equipment
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