Acronyms & Abbreviations

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Acronym / Abbreviation Description
Ampere, usually referred to as amp Ampere, usually referred to as amp
A/C or A.C.  Atlas copco
ABC  Abacavir
abdo  abdominal
abs  absorbable
AC  Alternating Current
access  accessories
ACE  Angiotensin-converting enzyme
ACeS  Handheld satellite system covering Indonesia, Philippines,
ACT  Artemisinin based combination therapy
AD  Auto-disable (syringe)
adh  Adhesive 
adj  Adjustable
adp  Adapter
ADR  Adverse drug reaction
AIDS  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AL  Artemether + Lumefantrine 
alum  Aluminium
amer  American
amp  Ampoule
anal  Analytical/thermometer 
Antenna gain  Indication of an antenna's directivity.
API   Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient/ American Petroleum Institute
AQ  Amodiaquine 
ART  Antiretroviral therapy
ARV  Antiretroviral
AS  Artesunate 
asp Aspirating
ass/asstd  Assorted
ASTM  American Standard Test Method of Mass/unit area (weight) of fabric
ATV  Atazanavir
autom  Automatic
AVR  Automatic Voltage Regulation
AWB  Air Waybill
AZT  Azido-Thymidine 


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
b.d.  twice daily
b/b  blunt/blunt
BAN  British Approved Name Bank
batt  Battery
BCG  Bacille Calmette-Gué rin (tuberculosis vaccine)
bd  Board
bh  Bore hole
BMI   Body mass index
BNC connector:  Common connector type used at high/radio frequency
BNF  British National Formulary
BNFc  British National Formulary for children
bot/botl  Bottle
BP  British Pharmacopoeia
Broadband  Covering a large frequency spectrum (typically used for antennas).
BS  British Standard
BSF  Blanket Supplementary Feeding
BTU  British Thermal Unit


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
cable runs at higher (V/UHF) frequencies.
CALM  Codan Automatic Link Establishment: Option in Codan NGT.
cap  Capacity
caps  Capsules
CAR  Carton
cc  Cubic centimetre
CCIS  Cold chain Information Series
CCM  Cold Chain Monitor
CD  Compact Disk
CD4 Count  CD4+ T-cell (T-lymphocyte bearing CD4 receptor)
CDM  Cubic Decimetre
CE  symbol Conformite Europeenne (indicates that a product conforms
cent  Centigrade/Celsius 
CFC  Chloro-fluoro-carbon
cft  Cubic foot/Cubic feet
Chew  Chewable
cir/circl  Circle / Circular
ckr  Cooker
cm/cms Centimetre(s)
CMV  Mineral and Vitamin Complex
CNS   Central nervous system
CO  Country Office 
Co.  Company
Coaxial cable
cob  Cobalt 
Codan NGT  Codan HF radio series (NGT = New Generation Transceiver)
comb  Combination/Combined
comp  Compression
conc  Concentrated/Concentration
const  Constant
cps  Cycles per second
CQ  Chloroquine
CRC Contract Review Committee
creates a database covering all stations in a network, and continuously monitors and automatically chooses the best frequency (channel) for any connection at any time ofday/year. User makes calls by selecting (name of) station to call from the transceiver’s “phone-book”.
crm  Corrosion Resistant Metal
crtn  Carton
CSB  Corn Soya Blend
Ctn  Carton
CTX  Co-trimoxazole
cvd  curved


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
D.O.L.  Direct-on-Line
d4T  Stavudine
dB(A)  Decibels
dbl  Double
DC  Direct Current
ddI  Didanosine
d-e  double ended
DEC Decimal
deg  Degree
demo  Demonstration
DHA  Division of Humanitarian Affairs
dia/diam  Diameter
Directional antenna Antenna that provides improved coverage in selected areas
dismant  dismantled (can be)
Disp  Dispersible
disp  Disposable
DMARD  Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug
DNA  Deoxyribonucleic acid
DO  Direct Order
dozn Dozen
DPL  Digital Private Line: Signaling method used in VHF radio.
DT  Diptheria and tetanus toxoids
DTHH  Down the hole hammer (drilling tool)
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency: Telephone signalling method
DTP  Diphtheria pertussis and tetanus toxoids
Duplex  Filter used to separate Tx from Rx signal in repeater station


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
EasiTalk  A digital voice processing function in Codan NGT series for
EC  Enteric Coated
ECD Early Childhood Development 
ECG  Electrocardiogram
ed/edu  Education//Educational
eefo  Earliest-expiry-first-out
EFV  Efavirenz
elec/elect Electric/Electrical
EML/ EMLc List for Essential Medicines, WHO
EN71  European standard on toy safety (mechanical, physical, flammable and chemical properties 
Eng/Engl English
envmtl  Environmental
EPI Expanded Programme on Immunization
eq  Equal
eqt/equip/eqpt  Equipment
equiv  Equivalent
et al  and others
etc  Et Cetera, and so forth
exam  Examination
expt/expts Experiment(s)
ext  External/Exterior


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
f x f  Female x female
f x m  Female x male
f/l  Focal Length
fahr  Fahrenheit
FCL  Full Container Loads
FDC  Fixed Dose Combination
feed  Feeding
Fifo First-in-first-out
FME connector  Common connector type used at radio-frequencies
FPG150  A type of synthetic paper
FPV  Fos-amprenavir
Fr  French (Gauge)/Frame
FREN  French
FTC  Emtricitabine
fthd  Female threaded


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
g/G  gram/Gauge
g/m2  Gram per square meter
g/sqm  Gram per square meter
gal  Gallon
GDP  Good Distribution Practice
gel  Gelule
gen  General
gI   Gastrointestinal
GI  Galvanized iron
Globalstar  Handheld satellite service w/coverage in Americas, Europe,
gluc  glucose
GMP  Good Manufacturing Practice
gr  Grade
grad  Graduated/Graduations
gran  Granules/Granular
gro  Gross (144, 12 Dozen)
grp  Group
gsm  Grammes per square metre
GTS  Global Telecommunications Section, NYHQ-ITD
Gynaeco  Gynaecological


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
h x w x l  Height by width by length (or depth)
HAART  Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy
Halst-Mosq  Halsted Mosquito
hand-oper  Hand operated
HCl  Hydrochloride
HDPE  High density polyethylene
heat/st   heat stabile
Heliax Low-loss, high quality coaxial cable, especially suited for long
HepB  Hepatitis B vaccine
HF High-Frequency (3MHz-30MHz)
hgc   Hard gel capsule
Hib  Haemophilus influenzae b
HIV  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
hosp  Hospital
Hp  Handpump / horse power
HQ  Headquarters
hrg  Heat-Resistant Glass
hrs  hours
hshld  Household
hss  High-Speed Steel
ht  Height
Hz  Hertz (Cycles Per Second)


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
I.R. Ingersoll Rand
IAPSO  Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICT  Information and Communications Technology
id  Internal Dimension / Inner Diameter
IDV  Indinavir
ie that is
IEHK  Interagency Emergency Health Kit 
ILR Ice-Lined Refigerator
IM  Intramuscular
improved receive audio
induced high-voltages to ground
inf Infusion
inft  Infant
Inh  Inhalation
Inj  Injection
In-line lightning protector  Connects in series with a coax antenna cable. Shunts lightning
Inmarsat M4  Portable high-speed data (and voice/fax) satellite service
Inmarsat mini-M  Portable satellite service
Inmarsat “International Maritime Satellite”. Organization offering global
INN International Non-proprietary Name
instr  Instrument
int  Internal/Interior
Intchngbl Interchangeable
intest  intestinal
IPT Intermittent Preventive Treatment
IPV Inactivated polio vaccine
Iridium  Global handheld satellite service
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IT  Information Technology
ITN  Insecticide-treated Net
ITSSD  Information Technology Solutions and Services Division
IV intra venous /length 
IV Intravenous


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
JICA Japanese International Co-operation Agency


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
KfW  Kreditanstalt Für Wiederaufbau (The German Development
kg (s)  Kilogram(s)
kg/bw  Kilogram per bodyweight
km  kilometres
kPA Kilo Pascals (100 KPA = 1 Bar = 14.5 psi)
kVA  Kilovolt-ampere
kWh  Kilowatt-hours


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
L/Lts  Litre(s)
lb  Pound (weight)
LCL  Less than Container Load
LED  Light Emitting Diode
lightweight and mobile satellite services.
Li-Ion battery: Lithium-Ion battery.
Liq  Liquid
LLIN  Long Lasting Insecticidal Net
LP  Gas liquid propane gas
LPV  Lopinavir
LPV/r Lopinavir boosted by Ritonavir
LSB  Lower Side Band (see SSB)
LTA  Long Term Arrangement


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
M A  suffix, included in the PIS product code, to indicate the
m/mtr  Metre
m2  Square metres
m3  Cubic metres
mA  Milliampere
Malaysia ++
max Maximum
MBP   Mother-Baby Pack
mcg  Microgramme
meas  Measurement
MEOS  Microsomal enzyme oxidizing system
metl  Metal
metr  Metric
Metzem/  Metzembaum
mfg  Manufacturer
mg  Milligramme
micro  Microscope/Microscopic
min Minute/Minimum
mini-M  Inmarsat portable satellite service
MISTS  Minimum Security Telecommunications Standards
ml  Millilitre
mm  Millimetre
mmHg  Millimetres of mercury
MMR  Mumps-measles-rubella vaccine
Montreal Protocol
MOSS  Minimum Operations Security Standards
MOU  Memorandum of Understanding
MPDS  Mobile Packet Data Service
MPO  Master Plan of Operation
MQ  Mefloquine
MR  Measles-rubella vaccine
Mth Mouth
mthd  Male threaded


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
Newton (KG-M/Sec2)
Na+  Sodium in salt form
NaDCC  Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
natl  National
nd  Nominal diameter
ndls  needles
need  needle
NEML  National Essential Medicine lists
NGO  Non-Governmental Organization
NiMH  battery Nickel Metal-Hydroxide battery
NNRTI  Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor 
no  Number
non ACT  non-Artemisinin based combination therapy
nonabs  non absorbable
non-ster  non sterile
NRA  National Regulatory Authority
NRTI  Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor
NSAID  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
nt  Narcotic (product)
NtRTI  Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor 
nutr  Nutrition/Nutritional
NVP  Nevirapine
NW  Non-warehouse material


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
o.s.  Oral solution
od  External diameter (outer diameter), Outside Dimension
od/id  External/internal diameter of drill pipes.
Omni-directional antenna   Same coverage in all geographic directions (360°)
oper  Operating/Operated
Operated Transmission
Operated Transmission
opt  Optional
OPV  Oral polio vaccine
ORS  Oral Rehydration Salts/Solution
Oz  Ounce


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
P.O.P.  plaster of Paris
PAC  Pack
pc/pcs  Piece(s)
Pdr Powder
PE  Polyethylene
PEP   Post exposure phrophylaxis/ Peak Envelope Power: Measure of a transmitter’s RF power output
PGM Supply Requisition (in ProMS)
pH  pH/Measure of Alkaline or Alkalinity
Ph  Pharmacopoeia
pH Power of hydrogen
Ph. Eur   European Pharmacopoeia
Ph.Int International Pharmacopoeia
PHARMA  Pharmaceutical
phys  Physical
PI  Protease Inhibitors
PI/r  Boosted protease inhibitor
PIS  Product Information Sheets
pk/pkt  Packet
PL Private Line: Signalling method used in VHF radio.
PL259 Common connector type used at radio-frequencies
pllt  Pallet
PMTCT  Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (of HIV)
PO  Per os - by mouth, oral
PO  Purchase Order
port  Portable
pp  polypropylene
PPA  Project Plan of Action
ppm  Parts Per Million
PQ Primaquine
pr  Pair
press  Pressure
product is CFC free and complies with the Conditions of the
ProMS  Programme Manager System
prot  protein
psi  Pounds per square inch
PSU  Power Supply Unit
pt  Psychotropic (Product)
pt/ptd Point/Pointed
PTT  Press-To-Talk: Microphone transmit button
PV  Photovoltaic
PVC  Polyvinyl chloride plastic
pW  peak Watt


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
Yield , discharge of boreholes, waterwells ,pumps
QAC  Quality Assurance Centre
QN  Quinine
QT  Quantity


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
r.p.m  Rotation per minute
R.R.B  Rock roller bit (drilling tool)
RBM  Roll Back Malaria
reag/rgt  Reagent(s)
red  Reducing
Registr.  Registration
reuse  Reusable
rh  Relative humidity
rnd  Round
rpm  Revolutions Per Minute
RPR  Rapid Plasma Reagin
rrj  Rubber ring joint
RTV  Ritonavir,
Russia, Central Asia
RX  Receive


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
s/b  sharp/blunt
s/s  sharp/sharp
SC  Subcutaneous
sci  Science/Scientific/Solvent cement joint
SD  Supply Division
sdl  Saddle
Select V 
sens  Sensitivity
shrp  Sharp
sht Sheet
SIB School-in-a-Box
skt  Socket
sl  Slightly
SL  Sub lingual
Smart/DTMF microphone  Microphone with DTMF capacity for Motorola GM series
sol.  Solution
soln  Solution
Southern Asia
sp  Specific
SP  Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine
spgrav Specific Gravity
spl  Spool
sq Square
SQV  Saquinavir
SR  Sustained release
ss  Stainless Steel
SSB Single Side Band
ster  Sterile
stl  Steel
stpr  Stopper
str  Straight
Supp  Suppositories
suppl  supplementary
surg  Surgical
Susp  Suspension
sut  suture
swg Standard Wire Gauge
Syr  Syrup
syrgs  Syringes
sz  Size


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
T/A  Terminal adapter
tab/tabs  Tablet(s)
Tabs  Tablets
TAD  Target Arrival Date
tap  Tapered/Tapering
TBE  Tube
TDF  Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
tech  Technical/Technique
TFP  Therapeutic Feeding Programme
Thuraya  Handheld satellite service for Europe, N. Africa, M. East and
TMH  Total Manometric Head
TPHA Treponema Palladium Haemaglutination Assay
trans  Transformer/Transfusion
tri  Triangular
TSF  Targeted Supplementary Feeding
TT  Tetanus toxoid
TX  Transmit


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
UHF  Ultra High Frequency (300MHz-3GHz)
UK  United Kingdom
UN  United Nations/Non-standard material
UNAIDS  Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNESCO  UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
UOM  Unit of measure
UPS  Uninterrupted Power Supply
uPVC Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
US  United States
USB  Upper Side Band (see SSB)
USFDA  Food and Drug Administration (USA)
USP  United States Pharmacopoeia
UV  Ultraviolet
UV/rr  Ultraviolet / ray resistant


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
VAC  Voltage alternating current
var  Variable
VDC Voltage direct current
VDRL  Veneral Disease Research Laboratory
vert  Vertical
VHF  Very High Frequency (30MHz-300MHz)
vol Volume
VOX  Transmission triggered by microphone/voice input (Voice
VVM  Vaccine Vial Monitor


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
w/  Width / with
w/m  Wide-Mouth
w/o / w/out  Without
WFP  World Food Programme
WH  Warehouse
wh/whl  Wheel
WHO  World Health Organisation
WHO PQ  WHO prequalification
WHOPES World Health Organisation Pesticide Evaluation Scheme
with the health and safety requirements set out in the Directives of the European Union
wts  Weights


Acronym / Abbreviation Description


Acronym / Abbreviation Description
ZDV  Zidovudine (also known as AZT)
Z.O. Zinc oxyde

Non-alphabetical symbols

Acronym / Abbreviation Description
# number
% percent
& and
/ or,per
/r low-dose ritonavir
less than or equal to
greater than or equal to
°C Degrees centigrade/celcius
ºF Degree Fahrenheit
3TC Lamivudine
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