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  1. Stretcher,foldable
    S0002155 Stretcher,foldable

    Foldable stretcher for emergency patient transport.
    Component of kits
    Indicative Price 62.69 USD
  2. Table,instr,Mayo type,ss,on castors
    S0002156 Table,instr,Mayo type,ss,on castors

    Mayo instrument table movable on four swivel castors and height adjustable.
    Indicative Price 120.99 USD
  3. Table,instr,ss,2 trays,on castors
    S0002157 Table,instr,ss,2 trays,on castors

    Movable instrument table with two flat non-removable trays mounted on four swivel castors.
    Indicative Price 166.37 USD
  4. Bed,hospital,standard,w/mattress
    S0002158 Bed,hospital,standard,w/mattress

    Hospital basic bed, manually adjustable on four castors, including a mattress.
    Indicative Price 211.57 USD
  5. Bed,hospital,ICU,w/mattress
    S0002159 Bed,hospital,ICU,w/mattress

    Hospital (intensive care) bed with four sections, manually adjustable on four swivel castors including a mattress.
    Indicative Price 308.58 USD
  6. Bucket,kick,ss,on castors
    S0002161 Bucket,kick,ss,on castors

    Waste bucket with lever on five swivel castors.
    Indicative Price 80.30 USD
  7. Trolley,emergency,w/drawers
    S0002162 Trolley,emergency,w/drawers

    Emergency response trolley with minimum four centrally lockable drawers and a worksurface.
    Indicative Price 369.87 USD
  8. Trolley,soiled linen
    S0002163 Trolley,soiled linen

    Trolley which holds a canvas bag for collection and transportation of soiled linen across a hospital facility.
    Indicative Price 103.73 USD
  9. Cabinet,bedside,standard
    S0002165 Cabinet,bedside,standard

    Basic patient bedside cabinet, on four castors and including a storage cabinet.
    Indicative Price 95.69 USD
  10. Cabinet,instruments,double door
    S0002166 Cabinet,instruments,double door

    Instrument storage cabinet with double (safety) glass doors and four internal shelves.
    Indicative Price 200.09 USD
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Items 31-40 of 78

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